Simple to install


New technology

Install without removing the tail extension of the wishbone :

  • Variable length lines
  • Simple, accurate and reliable
  • Stays in place, does not swing while jibing


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Advanced materials

Lines that won't let you down : won't tear or wear out :

  • Resilient, flexible and UV-resistant material
  • Synthetic, friction resistant, metal-free material 
  • Available in 8 cool colors
  • Available in 2 convenient sizes

The windsurfing clip harness lines comes in two different sizes. Measured in inches, so which length should I choose? Along within this article, we will provide you the equivalent mesurements in centimeters.

A good tip to start from would be to place your wrist in between the two velcro straps off your actual lines, your hand holding the boom and have the loop of the line touch and go around your elbow. Most common windsurfers uses harness lines in the 20 to 28" range (51 to 71cm). Longer lines are available as well, so don’t be afraid to experiment outside the 20-30" range, like going to the 26-34" range (66 to 86cm).  As the lines are ajustable, you will be able to try out and do small changes while you get used to longer sizes. Our lines takes only 30 seconds to ajust and there is small printed mesurments so you could choose precisly which length you want.

Optimal Harness Lines Length

The perfect harness line length for you depends on many important factors like these :

Your windsurfing stance and boom height
When standing more on top of your board, with a boom positioned at chest height, you can do with shorter lines as when you have your boom at chin height and are pushing with your feet on the rail of your board. Your body, or more specific, your arm length it should be obvious that shorter people have less arm length compared to taller people. This means that you can do with shorter harness lines as well.

The type of windsurfing gear you use
Depending on what type of sail and/or board you should adjust the length of your harness lines. Although on wave equipment you could do with shorter lines as on a slalom program, longer lines on wave equipment are more advisable as shorter ones are. With longer lines it’s easier to unhook fast if you need to. This can be of benefit when a wave starts to break sooner as you thought. On boards from freeriding to slalom or formula windsurfing longer lines have the advantage to keep the rig more upward on your board. Our lines has been tested and fits well on all styles (freestyle, bump'n'jump, freeride, slalom/race, formula) and all sail sizes. We have clients using our lines on 11 meters formula sails, full cambered race/slalom sails, as well as smaller wave sail sizes.

Do you like to be under or overpowered while windsurfing?
When sailing underpowered you might want short lines for standing more upright on your board when being hooked in to your harness lines. When overpowered you could choose shorter lines as well to have more control over your equipment.

Many windsurfers actually own more then one boom : it is not rare to see most of them using one smaller boom for wave and high winds conditions and one bigger boom for freeride, slalom sails. So why not buying two sets of our clip harness lines and enjoy free shipping?

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