Become an affiliate partner

Make money with Clip Harness Lines

Would like to make some money? We will give you 25% on each sales you refer to our website!

By becoming an affiliate, we reward you with a great commision on sales you refer. 25% is about 11$ on each Clip Harness.

Advantages :

  • Its free, no risk, no initial investment required;
  • You don't need to handle or ship goods;
  • You don't have to support customers;
  • No software to install, just have to share a link or install a banner;
  • We take care of all the details for you!

How does it works?

Simple! You just have to share a link containing your referal id, or if you prefer, you can install a banner on your website. We provide you the graphics and all the installation instructions and support.

  • If you own an online windsurfing store or windsurfing community website, you can generate additional revenue;
  • You can share the link to your friends on Twitter, Facebook or by email.
  • When you access the affiliate control panel, you got all the clicks and sales statistics.

How do I get paid?

We pay you 24 hours after the sale is completed, no minimum required. We send you the money on your PayPal account.

How do I begin?

  1. Create an account or login by going in the Your account section;
  2. Click on the link Access to the affiliate program, this will generate you a partner id;
  3. Enter your PayPal address (the payee address), then click apply;
  4. Your link to share will be : where X is your actual ID number;
  5. You also can choose some banner to install on your website. Just copy the link provided into your webpage.