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If you are owner of a windsurfing store, traditionnal or online, and would like to sell the clip harness product, please contact us! We offer good payment terms so you don't need to support high investment (some conditions may apply) as well as you keep good profit margin.

We also have an affialiate program which offers great commision on sales you refer. With this, you do not need handle the goods and we take care of every details.

We also offer a "drop shipping" option, which means you don't have to have our product in your inventory : just sell it, and we'll ship it directly to the customer. please contact us for additionnal details.

Windsurfing rental centers and windsurfing schools

If you operate a windsurfing rental center, you might found the clip harness product a good investment since they last longer than any other lines brands. Never have to remove the boom end part to install the lines, UV-resistent and no need to wash them from salty water. Depending on the quantity needed, volume discounts may apply. Please contact us for more information.

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