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logo makani sMakani Fins is a windsurfing company specialized in high quality fin design. We offer every windsurfer, from the most demanding sailor to the recreational rider, a wide range of original fins that performs flawlessly in all conditions allowing you to make the most of every precious moment spent out on the water. We simply offer the best wave fins, weed fins, freeride fins and freestyle fins.



Windsurf Deal - KA Sails - Our focus is simple -- to supply you, our customer, with great windsurfing gear. We pride ourselves in friendly and knowledgeable customer service and firmly believe that a happy customer will be a returning customer. We look forward to serving all your gear needs. Let us know how we can help you! We offer KA Sails, AHD boards products as well as windsurfings lessons. We are located Rancho Palos Verdes, California.

obx windsurfing harness lines sponsorOBX Wind -This year we are bringing a new concept to the event we will be based on ISLAND CREEK and will operate the clinics from there as well as the DEMO CENTER. We will have tons of gear for you to try and also beginners clinics as well as more advanced ones with Philip Soltysiak CAN-9 Since we will be directly on the spot we will have daily races that we can change correspondingly with the conditions, Long distance, Slalom, SUP ! There will also be tons of participation prizes for those who come over and try the demo gear as well as the clinic participants.

SeaSpecs windsurfing sunglasses logoSeaSpecs Extreme Water Sport Sunglasses - Wind Surfers are exposed to the elements all day long - sun, water and, of course, wind! The sun beats down on you all day with harsh UV rays while the wind is constantly in your face - drying out the eyes. Finally, the water, oftentimes salty, continuously splashes in the eyes. When you combine the three elements the eyes get dried out and feel like they are burning. Wind surfing can last all day long and the eyes can get sunburned which can lead to other eye problems. Dry eyes can cause macular degeneration. Repeated sunburned eyes can cause eye cancer. That is why you need to use Wind Surfing Sunglasses.

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