The clip system

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To be used on boom diametres from approx 28 to 34 mm, available in two sizes : 20-28" and 26-34" (inches), according to the "american measurement way" (see the picture below). An accurate system and readable line measurements with printed marks. Based on independent parts, it allows you to replace any piece without changing the entire set. An advanced design, made under 3D computer model. Manufactured with the latest mould injection technology - patented.

Don't kwow which size you need? Take a look at this article to help you choose the optimal line length according to your style and needs. Our line lengths are measured in inches. See the graphic below to get the centimers / european equivalent :


The materials

New synthetic materials, friction resistant materials, flexible at low temperature, resilient and UV resistant. The mechanical properties of these materials do not deteriorate under UV or marine environment. Metal-free, rust-free and long life. Working temperature range from -20ºC to +80ºC, or from -4ºF to +176ºF. Some of our clients use them also in winter for windski and kitewing !

Storage and maintenance

Take the lines off the boom and store them carefully after sailing. It takes under 30 seconds and helps to conserve its best shape and properties. Or, if you prefer, leave the lines on the boom all the time : pull lightly on the clips as this will unlock them and twist the lines inward, and pass the upload line indise.

Smooth for your back

Resilient material : the molecular composition of the line allows a very light elasticity which will help you to protect your back absorbing the sail force without losing the sail control. Line section has been calculated to protect riders back as much as possible.

Latest improvements

Clamp material

red-clamp-and-cordSofter clamp material - Easier to put it on and take it off - Cares the grip of the boomImproved grip between line and clamp.

Elastic cord

Elastic cord to tie both sides of the clamp to keep the clamp closed. Special material to endure UV and marine environment.

Mid stoppers

New mid-stoppers along the line to ensure the grip between line and clamp.

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