Tendance Innovation (France)

Written by Bruno André, head of development AHD.

Tendance Innovation (France) - Innovative and pretty handy lines! Clip them in less than a minute. My friend Loic goes along France to promote these new lines and sent my a pair to test them. So, during 3 weeks long test, upwind and downwind conditions, wave and flat water conditions, I've tested this new concept.

So easy to put on, I have changed them from one boom to another with the desired length, depending on the sailing program. Just as easy as a single "clip"... The shape fits perfectly the boom and stays firmly in place. These lines are fast and efficient to use, as long as you clip them in the correct way : don't do like I did put them upside down... read the included installation intructions.

Along the way, they resisted perfectly to the hot sun and high heat inside those intensive 3 weeks, I've no doubt at all they'll last for multiple windsurfing seasons. So, you've guess I've found these lines so great! - Bruno André, head of development at Triden (AHD, Nah Skwell)

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