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The Funboad Magazine (Italy) - These particular top of the line products can be ordered online. We placed the order and paid with a credit card and were delivered on time, at home after 6 days. The package arrived well packed and with the selected product, including a useful and clear instructions booklet, that after the first time, it is no longer needed because the assembly is very simple and fast.

In less than 60 seconds these lines are mounted on the boom without having to remove the end part! Our testers use them for 45 days in South Africa and then we will update you about the real state of wear after this period. The lines are easily adjustable with a range from 26 to 34 (those that we have chosen). They are very fixed on the boom because the clips tighten up automatically during use.

After a first test we can say that the clips do not bother with the hands in accidental impact, as they are made of a soft enough material. In addition, the locking line does not have the annoying oscillation when we are unhooked, as it is present in most traditional windsurfing Dakine or NeilPryde lines. For this reason, you will like them pretty much as they are avoiding the "accidental hooks" when engaging the waves.

For the plastic material of the lines, had the doubt that you could "give up" with the extreme heat, however we have not encountered this problem. On the website you can choose between different colors (green / gray / blue / red, etc. ..) and between two variables measures 20-28 and 26-34 - The FunBoard Magazine

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