Kuling Varning (Sweden)

Written by Sinker (Kuling Varning).

research-and developmentKuling Varning (Sweden) - I love innovation in our so often conservative sport. I salute the designers, engineers and entrepreneurs who come up with new ideas and bold products, so when I've been asked to test their new suspension harness ropes, thw answer is obvious.

An early prototype - The starting point was to make the simplest system and the traditional lines have too many material (tubing, rope, tape, Velcro and sometimes metal) and that one must disassemble the boom to take on / off their ropes. It has taken many years of thinking and prototype testing to come up with the product as it looks today. A product that lives up to its creator's expectation. In almost all cases, for but may well always improve things, right?

harness-lines-package-contentThe cables come in two sizes 20-28 "and 26-34" and will fit both narrow and wide boom grip. The dimensions seems accurate so you do not talk in terms of NeilPryde-32 and Dakine-32 when talking length. I've tried them on a Aeron boom with 26mm and an even narrower junior boom and it worked fine. I will not see any obstacles that they would work on thicker bars. I do not really know what to expect, but when I open the package, I am almost appelled. The material ropes and supports are made of felt anything but reassuring. It's screaming colors and a kind of plastic that feels more like children's beach toys than high performance windsurfing accessories. It is so close to China, their quality as you can get, even if it says "made in EU" on the packaging.

With such a first impression, it becomes mental uphill ropes from CLIP. Will they still come through the Gale Warning test and remain intact? The advantages CLIP claim is anyway:

  • Easy mounting without having to remove bomstycket
  • Gentle on your back
  • Durable material that will not rust and are UV resistant

After the test, I can agree with all of these benefits in addition to "simple assembly" but at the same time think that ordinary ropes in common use also performs well in the same categories. The actual rope is in two parts which looks interesting and since I started to become skeptical I think if you can get caught in the rope with the hook ... But probably because you want to get a little flex in the line which is actually a good idea.

The design consists of the "rope" and two holders per line. The package is an extra bracket which feels sympathetic and customer friendly.

instructions-bookletInstallation must be according to the advertising to go on a minute but then they should probably be Joe Labero for it to succeed. I assemble two sets and reads the instruction course not, so I turn them wrong. Therefore, it becomes 6-8 mounts but not even the last time it feels easy. But, I do not need to remove the cover and it's actually really good. Especially if you switch often between bars or if you are doing rentals. Once installed they sit nicely and it's easy to see what length you set.

The real test will of course be on the water and I decide to run with a CLIP line 26-34 on one side and the boom and a standard fixed Dakine 32 on others for so test them side by side. Best test might have been the variable Dakine lines but such I have always thought to be too clumsy.

Sailing with CLIP ropes works just fine. Neither better nor worse than Dakines normal fixed line. I think it is important that the line has a certain "rocking" so that you can easily swing the hook and swing from it. Ropes hanging out with the large angle tends to hook in when you least want it, no problem with that. The only thing that is a bit negative is that the holder is based a little more on the boom than a Velcro holder. But it is not a major problem if you do not slide very hands over the brackets. I felt that it was a little easier to move the brackets on the boom while sailing than velcro as strangulation / tightened the more you sail with them.

The design also seems to keep its promises. The material softness of the line was in fact not a problem and the brackets keep the line in the selected position without slipping. After a few days of sailing, I can not see any wear which leads me to believe that they will actually hold good. Probably the cord spanning holders together is the weakness, so it would have been better that there were extra cord included with or CLIP developed a variant with no wearing parts.

storing-windsurfing-harness-linesMy little boy who just started to get used to sailing with hanging harness found the CLIP system sharp. On his narrow boom, it was easy to adjust the position forward or backward during walking. But the biggest asset for him was that how easy to try things out to a good length, which I recommend that you reevaluate often if they are to learn. 

So in summary, what do we do? Fun with a little color, great that you can adjust the length, it adds up to the traditional ropes! This is one product I bring with me all the time: It is no time to increase the length of my ropes further. I have gone 28-32 in two years and now with 34 CLIP felt completely natural. It occurred to me just because it was so easy to adjust the length.

Thanks for the CLIP! - Sinker.

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