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Written by Brian McDowell.

testlab-LinesSay hello to an awesome new Injection moulded system, resistant to salt, friction, temperature variation and UV. They’re also adjustable and easy to put on without removing the boom back end. I admit, I was sceptical but after testing I can fully recommend them.

Why injection moulded lines I hear you ask? Well, apart from the high density material, it’s true there are less moving parts, plus the synthetic material can be controlled and consistently manufactured. That also means there’s no metal or rope to degrade, and no outer plastic covering to wear through or snap.

Clip use a simple method of a hard plastic slip-on clip and a length of softer, doubled-up ‘line’ with ‘ratchet’ grooves for adjustment moulded in. You simply thread the line into the clip, around the boom arm and then out through the clip, adjust to your preferred setting within the range -all marked on the plastic line - and then ‘click’ the clip shut to tighten. They come in either 20-26’ or 26-32’ sizes.

The nice thing about the adjustment is there’s no flappy extra line dangling around to annoy you or catch on your hands. The clips also don’t seem to mark your boom grip out any more despite being harder than webbing, and the two types of boom grip I tried them on, one ‘spongy’ and one higher density, held tight without any slippage.

Clip claim they’re good for your back as the molecular structure has a controlled and built-in stretch characteristic. I wasn’t able to feel much difference to the stretch on a regular line to be honest - perhaps the same flex in and out where a normal line gives a little on loading-up and snaps back a bit more on the sheeting-out. Every other aspect of power delivery and control felt familiar. I was feeling for it especially so as I normally use custom 34s. So with one regular line on one side of the boom, and the Clip 26-32s on their upper limit on the other, the only difference was the length and slightly more swing from the Clip - but not in a bad way, so no unwanted hook-ins when when gybing - just useful ‘light’ swing when re-hooking in..

testlab-Lines-2At the same price as a regular set these are bound to be seen more and more. It’s a no-brainer really. You get the benefits of adjustment and the tidy look and feel of a fixed size, easy on-and-off motion, so they’re prefect for travelling or visiting rental centres or testing a range of gear with your preferred length of line.

My only worry would be losing or smashing a clip, but they do stay on the lines when off the boom and apparently you can buy spares easily, plus the sets we received came with a spare one each anyway, and the ratchet markings are universal regardless of size so the independent parts are interchangeable. Give ‘em a go I say! - By Brian McDowell - Windsurfer Internationnal

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